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Ventures are Scouts aged between 16 and 18 who come together to form a “Unit” and engaged in activities based on their interest.

They are guided by a Venture Scout Leader who supports them in their personal development and reflections. By determining their own developmental needs and interest, this encourages Ventures to be self-motivating in leading themselves before others.


Venturing provides a variety of attractive activities, similar to the Scouts section. At this point in their journey, the Venture Unit is given more autonomy in their activities which helps to develop initiative and resourcefulness. The main activities are defined along the four themes: Camping, Outdoor Exploration, Knotting & Pioneering and Outdoor Cooking.

Leadership Development

As Venture Scouts, they would be developed in leadership skills, an important trait required in a more uncertain and complex world. Leaderships opportunities are provided during their journey through the Venturing Foundations Course (VFC), projects and other appointments of their preference. Before achieving the pinnacle award in their journey, they would be assessed on their leadership skills through the Venturing Challenge Course (VCC) or an Outward Bound School challenge.

Venture Scout Badge

SSA Ventures - Venture Scout Badge Progress Scheme

Trekker Badge

SSA Ventures - Trekker Badge Progress Scheme

Pioneer Badge

SSA Ventures - Pioneer Badge Progress Scheme

President’s Scout Award

SSA Ventures - President's Scout Award Progress Scheme

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