At Scout, we believe that strong organizational policies are the backbone of our operations, guiding our actions and ensuring excellence in everything we do. With a commitment to transparency, fairness, and integrity, our policies serve as a compass, providing a framework that promotes efficiency, safety, and a positive work environment. The policies lay the foundation for our collective success and enable us to deliver impactful programs and initiatives.

The following policies outline how the Association conducts itself based on the law of the Republic of Singapore and principles of Scouting outlined by our movement founder, Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell.

SSA Insurance Policy

Date: 19 Feb 2016

IT Security Policy

Date: 26 Feb 2015

Media Guidelines

Date: 30 May 2017

Code of Conduct

Date: 17 Jan 2014

Polices, Organisation & Rules

Date: 15 May 2019

First Aid Qualifications for Adult Leaders

Date: 17 Jan 2014

Youth Programme Policy

Date: 16 May 2019

Whistleblowing Policy of the Singapore Scout Association

Date: 01 Jul 2019

Constitution of the Singapore Scout Association

Date: 01 Jul 2019

Our Programmes

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