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Adults-in-Scouting refers to adults above 21 years old who are Scout leaders or support Scout Leaders. They are either involved in the development of youth members or support Leaders to ensure a quality Scouting programme.

There is a systematic approach in supporting adults through development and management to improve the effectiveness, commitment and motivation of Scout leaders so there can be a better experience for all Scouts.

Getting the Right People

Adult volunteers are recruited systematically which ensures only those with motivation for Scouting and developing young people are brought into the movement. Through the recruitment process, most volunteers will gain a better understanding on what Scouting is and their roles as adult leaders before deciding to commit. As part of the process, all adults will have to complete a code of conduct checklist and a Safe from Harm programme before being allowed to support youth development.


Onboarding at a national level and orientation at the area/units’ levels are conducted to ensure that volunteers have a consistent understanding of the movement. Information shared include history of Scouting, the Scout Method and administrative processes. These onboarding and orientation programmes also provide opportunities for Adult Leaders to familiarise with the Scouting community and build their own support network.

Finding Their Strengths

Adult volunteers are grouped into 3 main tracks, namely Leaders of Youth track, Adult Support track and Adult Specialist track. These tracks help to better match right expertise, interest and time commitment to the needs of the volunteers. Each tracks are curated with learning and development opportunities to support Adult Leaders in creating better Scouting experience for their youths. Adult volunteers will also be recognized accordingly based on their contributions to the Movement.

Wood Badge Course

The Wood Badge course offers adults the opportunity to develop competencies for (1) Leading young people; (2) supporting the implementation of the Youth Programme; and (3) Leading and assisting Adults-in-Scouting. All Adults-in-Scouting, especially those on the Leaders of Youth track, are encouraged to go through the course so they can deliver quality Scouting programme to the youths.

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