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Are you curious about the other programmes Singapore Scouts has in store for you? The SSA aims to provide a comprehensive and inclusive experience for all. As such, there are other programmes designed to expose Scouts to different activities and 21st century challenges. Be it sailing a boat, flying a plane or even solving world challenges one step at a time, dive in and explore the incredible opportunities that await you on your Scouting journey!


The Sea Scout programme aims to complement the existing Scout programme through sea-faring activities with flavours of nautical experiences. Its relevance is in Singapore’s status as a maritime nation.

The programme was revised in 2023 to provide an all-encompassing and adventurous experience for our youths to be future-ready in an ever-changing world. The programme is based on four pillars: Seamanship, Environmental Education, Sea Sports and Career Discovery. Designed for continuous learning, the programme is progressive as it offers activities from Cubs to Adult Leaders.


From practising maritime traditions to the art of seamanship, this pillar hosts a big part of specialized skills such as boatmanship that are uniquely Sea Scouting.

Career Discovery

With the experience gained through Sea Scouting, the youths may gain an interest in pursuing a career in the marine industry. This pillar aims to provide the youths exposure to the various opportunities within the marine industry.

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