Every contribution has the power to change lives. By donating to the SSA, a registered charity, you can make a lasting impact on the youth development in Singapore. Together with your support, we will bring positive impact to youth in Singapore as well as the community.

There are two main ways to donate to the Scouting Movement in Singapore:

Monthly Donation

Tax Deductible Donation (for $100 and above) 

For a small donation every month, you can impact the lives of every Scout.

* Donations above $100 to the Singapore Scouts are eligible for a tax deduction.

Scout SG PayNow QR Code Donation

Single Donation

Non-Tax Deductible Donation

Specific Donation

If you wish to donate for a specific programme or event organized by SSA, you are welcome to do so via PayNow, Cheque or GIRO. Please indicate the preferred programme or event, and drop us an email (with your Name, Donation Amount and Bank Account No. (for PayNow or GIRO).

Donation above S$5,000

For donations above S$5,000, please contact our Finance Department at (65) 6259-2858 to arrange for the donation details.

Tax Incentives

Your donations enjoy 250% tax-deduction which will be automatically registered on the tax returns issued by IRAS in the same year of assessment when you indicate the NRIC or FIN number (in the case of individuals) or Business Registration Number (in the case of corporations) on your donations. SSA will also send a tax-exempt receipt for the donor’s records or subsequent submission to IRAS should the need arises.


Be assured that all donations will be put to good use by SSA to meet the ever rising costs of providing quality programmes. These programmes aim to develop and nurture young people for purposeful and responsible adulthood, always prepared to serve God, country and humanity and to help build a better world where young people will grow up to become self-fulfilled individuals and play a constructive role in society.