The Leadership

Charting the Way Forward. Meet the leaders and adult support team.


Halimah Yacob

President of the Republic of Singapore

The President of the Republic of Singapore is the Chief Scout. The Chief Scout holds the highest authority in the SSA and grants warrants to commissioners recommended by the Association as well as awards to adult leaders. The Chief Scout also awards outstanding Venture Scouts who attained the highest sectional award— the President’s Scout Award. The Scouting Movement in Singapore is led by the Scout Council, supported by the Commissioners’ Council, Headquarters Staff and Leadership Academy.

The Scout Council comprises both the uniformed and lay officials who are responsible for providing strategic direction and financial oversight on the Association. They also help to ensure the necessary funding of youth development in the Association.

  • Raymond Chia


  • Ling Soon Hwa Philip

    Vice President

  • Ngien Hoon Ping

    Vice President

  • Tan Cheng Kiong

    Honorary Secretary

  • Vincent Yik

    Honorary Treasurer

  • Ong Kum Wai Michael

    Elected Member

  • Leon Yee

    Elected Member

  • Stella Wong

    Elected Member

  • Melvin Poon

    Elected Member

  • Troy Lim

    Elected Member

  • Dr Julie Lo

    Elected Member

  • Lim Kar Yee

    Appointed Member

  • Chang Fook Yong

    Appointed Member

  • Terence Chia

    Appointed Member

  • Dr Anba Thuraimanikam

    Appointed Member

  • A/Prof Tan Boon Yeow

    Appointed Member

The Commissioners’ Council manages operational policies and guidelines in their respective functions. They provide the necessary adult support and frameworks for Area and Unit leaders to develop youths as changemakers of the society.

  • Desmond Chong

    Chief Commissioner

    Desmond oversees the development of the Scouting movement in Singapore. As the Chief Commissioner, he ensures the quality of Scouting programme as well as public support for the movement. He aims to put youth at the centre of what he does and inspire Scouts to become changemakers of the society. He is also the International Commissioner for the Association.

    Professionally, he is the Asia Pacific Head of Risk Management at a Fortune 500 multinational company.
  • Andrew Ang

    Deputy Chief Commissioner

    Andrew supports the Chief Commissioner in managing the various functions within the Association. Previously, he served the Association in various capacities, such as Area Commissioner (North) and Deputy National Programme Commissioner.
  • Han Songguang

    Assistant Chief Commissioner (Educational Methods)

    As the National Educational Methods Commissioner, Songguang supports the Association's mission of developing young people holistically through non-formal and values-based education. He works with fellow volunteers and staff in youth programme and adult learning & development to enhance educational outcomes through aligning youth curriculum and professional development of adults to wider educational trends.

    Having been a Scout and a volunteer adult leader in the past, he served the Association in various capacities and believes that Scouting has the transformative power to shape young lives, and positively impact the wider community. Professionally, He is an educator with the Ministry of Education, Singapore.
  • Dr Tong Chee San

    National Commissioner (Educational Resources)

    As the National Commissioner (Educational Resources), Chee San supports the Assistant Chief Commissioner (Educational Methods) in the holistic development of young people through non-formal and values-based education. He also works with fellow volunteers and staff in youth programme and adult learning & development to enhance educational outcomes through aligning youth curriculum and professional development of adults to wider educational trends.

    Chee San started his Scouting journey in 2011 and has previously served as the Programme Commissioner for Air Scouts from 2014 - 2020. In his professional life, Chee San is an educator at the Ministry of Education.
  • Lam Tat Wai

    Assistant Chief Commissioner (Area Support) & Area Commissioner (West)

    Tat Wai oversees Scouting development in the West area. He aims to continue promoting Scouting in the community with his team and provide opportunities for Scouts to attend international events. He served in the district for more than 20 years with his last appointment as an Assistant Area Commissioner. Notably, he led the 23rd World Scout Jamboree 2015 and 15th National Nippon Jamboree 2010 as the contingent leader.

    Professionally, Tat Wai is a businessman in the printing and audio industry. He enjoys cycling, bird watching and fish keeping during his free time.
  • Ang Wee Jin

    Area Commissioner (North)

    Wee Jin oversees Scout units in the North Area. He aims to create a more vibrant Scouting community in the North Area. In his previous experience, He was an Assistant Area Commissioner in the North handling programs, conducting various sectional Scout courses for the area as well as competitions. In his professional life, Wee Jin is an educator at the Ministry of Education.
  • Goh Yee Heng

    Area Commissioner (East)

    Yee Heng oversees Scout units in the East area. During his tenure, the area achieved record level of Akela Award holders in 2022. He was formerly District Commissioner (Katong) and Assistant Leader Trainer with the National Training Team. His motivation to join Scouting is to give back to the movement as he has benefitted as a young Scout in the past. In his professional life, he currently heads the Asia Pacific Region business of a printing & coding technology company.
  • Jimmy Bok

    Area Commissioner (South) & National Commissioner (Emergency Preparedness)

    Jimmy Bok oversees Scouting in the South Area and crisis management within the Association. He aims to develop an incident Management Framework consisting of Fire Safety, Workplace Safety and Crisis Management. In his past experience, he was the Yishun District Commissioner, managing units and helped them to attain a better Frank Cooper Sands award. In his professional life, Jimmy is in the facility management industry and also oversees workplace safety & health as well as fire safety.
  • Yang Chen

    National Commissioner (Adult Learning & Development)

    Yang Chen oversees learning & development (L & D) to equip Adult Leaders with skills to run successful Scout programmes. Guided by his motto "Every Scout deserves a competent leader", he is committed to improving L & D in today's challenging and changing landscape.

    Prior to this, he held appointments such as National Programme Commissioner and District Commissioner (Tampines). In his professional life, Yang Chen is a business owner.
  • Foo Say Kin

    National Commissioner (Youth Programme)

    Foo Say Kin is the National Commissioner (Youth Programme) for the Association. He curates engaging Scout programmes for better youth involvement in non-formal education.

    He started his Scouting journey in 2008 and has served in various key roles, such as Course Director for West Area Scout Leadership Camp, Group Scout Leader for Cougar Scout Unit, Jurong District Scout Leader and Unit Development Leader. In his professional life, Say Kin is a Physical Education teacher with the Ministry of Education, Singapore.
  • Sunil Ravinder Gill

    National Commissioner (Membership) & Assistant International Commissioner

    Sunil oversees the support of our members and the growth of the Scouting community. His core area of focus is on enhancing the Scouting experience. The #YourVoice Campaign is a major step taken to listen to the voice of the Scouting community (including youths, adult leaders and parents), and will enable the Association to create a better Scouting experience for all. The Uniform Review, is a timely look at the existing Singapore Scout uniform, and an opportunity to implement key enhancements that will provide Scouts with a more comfortable and functional uniform.

    Amongst other appointments within the association, he previously served as the National Rover Council Chairperson from 2016-2018. In his free time, he likes to do cycling, photography, rearing ornamental fish and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.
  • Chua Yong Liang

    National Commissioner (Human Capital)

    Yong Liang oversees the adult leaders and volunteers at the Association. He was also an active youth member, involved in Rovering at the National level.

    In his professional life, he is an executive in the recycling industry.
  • Heng Jiang Li

    National Commissioner (Event)

    Heng Jiang Li is the National Events Commissioner, he oversees events for the association, such as the Diamond Jubilee Challenge campaign, fireside chats and the marching contingent for National Day Parade. Since the ease of the pandemic measure, he assisted in renewing collaborations with the association's partners, conducted JOTA-JOTI as well as resuming the Chief Scout Hospitality Team for the Istana Open House. These events highlighted the importance of young people's involvement with the community-at-large and their role in contributing to a better world.

    Prior to this role, Jiang Li served as a Unit Leader before taking on various area leadership appointments. In his professional life, Jiang Li is a senior project manager at Land Transport Authority. Event management is something that he does regularly at work and he aims to leverage on his expertise to contribute to the Scouting Movement.
  • Nicholas Koh

    National Commissioner (Unit Performance)

    Nicholas oversees the performance assessment of units. In his role, he aims to enable unit leaders to create an environment conducive for the development of Scouts. As such, he reviewed the Frank Cooper Sands Award assessment in 2022 to encourage unit leaders to conduct more relevant and meaningful activities for their Scouts.

    Prior to his current role, he volunteered in a Venture Scout unit. In his professional life, Nicholas is an auditor.
  • Jacky Chong

    National Commissioner (Communications)

    Jacky oversees the Communications portfolio and outreach efforts in the Association. He has been volunteering in Scouts since 2014 and currently aims to enhance Singapore Scouts’ outreach via newsletters and an improved website.

    He credits his enthusiasm in serving to his Cub Scout experience where he benefitted as a youth and the experience spurred him to continue serving in the National Rover Council later on. Professionally, Jacky is a civil servant in the Ministry of Defence.
  • Benjamin Lim

    National Commissioner (Information Technology)

    Benjamin oversees the IT policy and practices within the Association. In his role, he aims to digitalise existing practices by developing a digital transformation roadmap as well as enhancing existing membership portal and develop a learning management system to aid in self-directed learning.

    In his professional life, Benjamin is a cybersecurity executive.
  • Ong Li Yan

    National Commissioner (Community Programme) & Assistant Partnership Commissioner

    Li Yan oversees Community Programme development at the Association, assisting the Area Commissioners in facilitating Community Scout groups hosted in community centers. Developing youth gives her a sense of fulfilment, knowing that she impacted their learning and development journey.

    Though new to Scouting herself, she hopes to inspire more youth to join scouting and impart positive values to them.
  • Irdina Mah

    National Commissioner (Unit Administration) & Assistant International Commissioner

    Irdina handles administration for the Singapore Scout Association, something that she does in her daily work as well. She aims to facilitate the review of the Association’s Policy, Organisation and Rules document. In her free time, she engages in nature and outdoor related activities.
  • Michael Poh

    Deputy International Commissioner

    Michael supports the International Commissioner in external Scout relations regionally and globally. He is a long-time contributor within the Scouting community, known for setting up the Singapore Scout Collectors Club in 2012.

    Professionally, Michael is a business owner in the antique industry.
  • Seah Kia Wee

    National Commissioner (Projects) & Assistant Partnership Commissioner

  • Andrew Toh

    National Rover Council Chairperson

    Andrew oversees the development of the Rover Scout community as well as its programme. As the National Rover Chairperson, he aims to empower Rovers in their Rovering journey and help them to discover their purpose within the Scouting Community based on the Singapore Rovers motto “Adventure, Service and Fellowship”.

The Headquarters Staff are full-time professionals who provide necessary administrative support to the Commissioners’ Council and Scout Council. They also ensure the day-to-day management of the Association.

  • Gary Lim

    Executive Director

    Gary oversees the daily operations of the association headquarters, steering it according to its mission and strategic direction provided by the Scout Council. He started his journey in outdoor education as a trainee teacher where he studied outdoor education and pursuits in the United Kingdom. This journey then continued during his education career as the teacher-in-charge of the outdoor activities club, sailing, and leadership development and got him involved on national-level committees. He holds a Master in Education, is trained in Challenge Course Management, and also possesses several outdoor skill certifications.
  • Jenny Choo

    Director (Finance & Administration)

    Jenny leads the Finance & Administration for the Association.  She ensures accurate reporting of the Association’s financials and processes for responsible governance. Jenny is supported by a team of Finance & Admin personnel.  
  • Maohaid Faizal Kasmin

    Senior Manager & Data Protection Officer

    Faizal oversees various departments including the International, IT, and Adults-in-Scouting. He has been a long-term employee of the Association since 2006. He is also the appointed Data Protection Officer for the Association.

    Faizal has been involved in Scouting since 1990. In recognition of his service, he has been bestowed various awards, such as APR Professional Scout Executive Medallion in 2011 and the Distinguished Service Award (Star to Bronze) in 2021.
  • Nicholas Liaw

    Manager, Programmes

    Nicholas manages social outreach programmes at the Association. With his team, he works with partners and stakeholders to deliver Scouting to disadvantaged youths under Community Scouting. Nicholas also supports in other areas such as staff training, HR and operations. He is also well-known for designing Scout badges in Singapore over the course of his many years as an Adult Leader.
  • Lee Pui Ling

    Assistant Manager, Programmes

    Pui Ling oversees planning and execution of national programmes at the Association. She collaborates closely with corporate partners to ensure seamless delivery of national Scouting programmes and events. As such, she serves as a liaison between the Association and corporate partners for a successful collaborations.
  • Andie Tan

    Senior Executive, Programmes and Operations

    Andie, as the Senior Executive, runs Scouting programmes in schools and manages the Association’s facilities. He works with a dedicated team to help young people develop important life skills and make a difference in their communities.

    The challenging and rewarding work at the Singapore Scout Association motivates Andie to impact positively in the lives of young people.
  • Amira Lim

    Programme Executive

    Amira supports the National Programmes in the Association. She administrates and assists the operations of programmes at HQ.
  • Noris Ithnin

    Senior Executive Admin (East & North)

    Noris oversees the North and East Area portfolio for the association. As the Senior Executive Admin, she supports unit leaders in administrative and financial aspects to ensure a smooth Scouting experience for all.
  • Siti Nurain

    Area Admin Assistant (South & West)

    Siti oversees the South and West Area portfolio for the association.
  • Sharul Shazwan

    Senior Executive (Learning & Development)

    Sharul oversees Adult Leader Learning & Development and HR at Association. He supports the execution of Adult Learning and Development courses as well as oversees HR for the HQ staff. He seeks to help create a culture of lifelong-learning as well as motivate fellow colleagues to achieve excellence at work.

The Leadership Academy comprises appointed Fellows who are recognized for their outstanding service and expertise. They will continue to provide leadership support and advisories to Singapore Scouting.

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