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Scouts is for young people aged between 12 and 16. The Scout Programme aims to make Scouting an experience where Scouts develop character while having fun. As such, they will be encouraged to start a Scout journal to detail their journey.

Scouts partake activities in a team system called Patrols. A Scout may also be appointed roles and responsibilities in their Scout unit or patrol as part of leadership development.


Through Scouting activities, they will gain more in-depth knowledge of Scouting skills and mark achievements in areas such as interest hobbies, first-aid, campcraft, air and water activities.

Progress Scheme

The Scout Progress Scheme is divided into 4 progress badges and a highest award. Each progress badge comprises of themes covering development in: Citizenship & Global Awareness, Adventure & Outdoor, Service & Community, Sports & Physical Recreation, Inspirations, Beliefs & Attitudes and Creative Pursuits.

The highest award a Scout can attain is the Chief Commissioner’s Award. The Scout must attain all 4 progress badges and be nominated by their Scout unit for a panelist interview. Upon successful evaluation, the Scout will be awarded the Chief Commissioner’s Award.

Scout Badge

SSA Scout - Scout Badge Progress Scheme

Discoverer Award

SSA Scout - Discoverer Award Progress Scheme

Explorer Award

SSA Scout - Explorer Award Progress Scheme

Voyager Award

SSA Scout - Voyager Award Progress Scheme

Chief Commissioner’s Award

SSA Scout - Chief Commissioner's Award Progress Scheme

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