Scout Programmes

Are you curious about the other programmes Singapore Scouts has in store for you? The SSA aims to provide a comprehensive and inclusive experience for all. As such, there are other programmes designed to expose Scouts to different activities and 21st century challenges. Be it sailing a boat, flying a plane or even solving world challenges one step at a time, dive in and explore the incredible opportunities that await you on your Scouting journey!


The Special Needs programme provides a modified Scouting experience for Special Needs youth to help them grow and develop in their own way, guided by the Scout Promise & Law. The programme serves most youth through their schooling years and also provides platform for these youth to not only learn but also to serve the community in their capacity.

The Singapore Scout Association is one of the few uniformed groups in Singapore that provides Special Needs programme to this group of youths.

Making Friends

Scouting provides an opportunity for Special Needs youth to socialize with their peers and other Scouts in Singapore through Scout events.

Engaging Activities

The Special Needs program provides engaging activities such as trekking, camping, campfire and games day. These events are often organized through collaboration with other Scouts for Special Needs units to gather and enjoy Scouting on a bigger scale. Special Need Scouts also will have opportunities to experience international Scouting in other countries.

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