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Rover Scouts are youth members aged 17-26 years old, and those of 21 years of age and above can hold concurrent adult leader appointments. The Rover Scout programme aims to provide a fun and meaningful experience by guiding Rovers in their transition to adulthood, through concepts based on the handbook by Lord Baden Powell, “Rovering to Success”. Although written in a different time era, many of the concepts broached by B.P. are still relevant to young adults today .


Rover Scout activities are organised and planned by Rovers for Rovers as part of a youth-led programme. They mainly consist of the following themes:

Rover Journey

The Rover Journey is the progress scheme for the Rover Scout Section. The Rover Journey is a holistic programme covering the following domains:


2. Open Air

3. Service and Citizenship

4. Rovering to Success

5. Back to Scouting

Progress Scheme

The Rover Journey consists of 4 milestone badges which follow the Rover’s development in their journey. To progress in their Rover Journey, Rovers will need complete modular activities to attain sufficient credits, known as miles, to reach milestone badges. Requirements for each tier can be found here.

The Rover Journey and its modular system allow Rovers to design their own growth and development. As of today, there are nearly 200 activities for Rovers to choose from on their own Rover Journey.

Rover Badge

SSA Rover - Rover Badge Progress Scheme

Wayfarer Badge

SSA Rover - Pathfinder Badge Progress Scheme

Pathfinder Badge

SSA Rover - Wayfarer Badge Progress Scheme

Baden Powell Award

SSA Rover - Baden Powell Award Progress Scheme

Find out more about the Badges and Awards below.

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