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Ventures (16-18)


Venture Scouts is for young people between fifteen to eighteen years of age. The program is flexible in allowing a member to choose activities according to their own interests.

A group of Venture Scouts who meet together on a regular basis form what is called “the Unit”. Unless, specifically permitted, it is intended that there be no less than 15 Venture Scouts in a Unit.

Types of Activities

Adult leadership & mentoring of the Unit is provided by a Venture Scout Leader and Assistant Venture Scout Leaders. Units comprising both boys and girls should have an Adult Leader of each gender. The Singapore Scout Association encourages a mixed membership; however admission of girls as members is a matter for decision by each Unit, subject to the approval of the Group Leader and the Sponsoring Authority.

Venturing provides an attractive program of activities, self-government, and leadership experience, companionship of their own age and helps to develop initiative and resourcefulness. By determining their own training needs it encourages young people to be self-motivating. Key elements of the program are selected from the following four development areas:

  • Community Involvement
  • Citizenship, Environment, First Aid, Service
  • Adventurous Activities
  • Expeditions, Outdoor, Initiative
  • Personal Growth
  • Expression, Lifestyle, Ideals, Pursuits
  • Leadership Development
  • Unit Management, Leadership Course, Vocations

The proportion of time devoted to each activity will depend on the preferences of the Unit Members but a well balanced program will include activities from all areas.

Progress Awards

The Venture Scout Section is divided into 2 progress badges and a highest award:

The Highest Award a Venture Scout in this section can attain in this section is the President’s Scout Award. Received from the President of the Republic of Singapore and in the capacity of the Chief Scout, a Venture Scout must first complete the Venture Scout Cord in order to be registered as a President’s Scout Award (PSA Candidate). A PSA Candidate is required to successfully complete 2 trials: an Assessment Test known as ASPIRE and the successful completion of a PSA Project. After the completion of these 2 trials, a PSA Candidate will go through a Selection and Interview Panel comprising of key Association Management Council Members and National Commissioners.