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The Singapore Scout Foundation

Over the past 100 years, Singapore Scouting has developed successive cohorts of our young into good leaders and useful citizens.

To do this, the Singapore Scout Association (SSA) has relied largely on annual fund raising activities such as Job Week and Donation Draw for public support to meet its routine operational expenses.

However, the SSA does not have any reserves or accumulated funds which can be used for developmental activities necessary to grow the movement and improve its programmes for the benefit of our young people.

The Singapore Scout Foundation has therefore been established in July 2012 to support the holistic development of our Youth.


The Scout Foundation is especially set up to raise funds for the following projects to support the holistic development of the Youth in Singapore.

a. Development of Youth in the Scout Groups in schools and community
Improve the quality of the Scouting Programme by increasing the frequency of relevant life skill training and provide enhanced training to Volunteer Adult Leaders (VAL) and Teachers to support scouting. There is also a critical need to employ professionals to support, coach and mentor these VALs and Teachers through on the job training platform.

b. Upgrading of camping and infrastructure for activities
Upgrade and increase camping facilities, including providing additional facilities for Air and Sea Scouting activities. In the longer term, there is also a need to have sufficient reserve to upgrade/maintain HQ facilities and make provision when HQ premises lease expires in 2021.

c. Financial support for disadvantaged scouts
One of the unique elements of Scouting is its global dimension. Every year, international jamborees and exchanges are held.  Where possible, every Scout should have the opportunity to attend at least one overseas event in his or her Scouting life. However, affordability is a key issue.  There is a dire need to subsidise deserving scouts from not well-to-do families to participate in at least one international event as part of their training.


Donors will be conferred membership to the Singapore Scout Foundation Leadership Circle under the categories of:

1.     Distinguished Fellows (donations of $50,000 and above)

2.     Leading Fellows (donations of $25,000 and above)

3.     Fellows (donations of $10,000 and above)

4.     Associate Fellows (donations of $5,000 and above)

To enhance the prestige of the Leadership Circle, we will organise a Presentation Ceremony officiated by our Chief Scout at the Istana to confer Foundation membership on the different categories of fellows.

Donors’ names will be displayed permanently under their respective categories on a commemorative plaque in the Scout HQ.

In addition, donors will receive a special medallion certificate at the presentation ceremony.


We will allow pledges to be paid in either one lump sum or up to 5 equal installments over a 5-year period.

Cheque payments are to be made payable to “The Singapore Scout Association”.