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Scouts (12-16)


Scouts is for young people aged between 12 and 16. At this point in their lives, Scouts show great enthusiasm for activities that give them a sense of achievement and follow their special interests with intensity. During these years, the tailor-activities focus make young Scouting an experience in which young people gain character- developing qualities while having fun.

Types of Activities

Their achievements they gain from the series of tests and training will earn them a series of Badges, which give them a more in depth knowledge of Scouting skills and mark achievements in areas such as interest hobbies, first-aids, campcraft, air and water activities to become a better person both to their country and improving the environment.

Programme Style

The Scout Section is divided into 3 progress badges and a highest award:

  • Scout Standard Badge
  • Advanced Scout Standard Badge
  • First Class Scout Badge
  • Chief Commissioner’s Award

Each progress badge comprises tests for Citizenship, Leadership Outdoor Proficiency Badge, Camp Standard, Environment & Conservation, First Aid, Foot Drill, Exploration and Service.

The Highest Award a scout in this section can attain in this section is the Chief Commissioner’s Award. The scout must hold an appointment in the scout group and pass the exploration test, first aid, perform a service, have proficient skills to instruct other scouts, be physically fit and hold at least one national proficiency badge. An interview will be conducted by the Scout Commissioner together with various National Commissioners.

A Scout may also be given responsibilities in their Scout Troop:

  • Troop Leader
  • Senior Patrol Leader
  • Patrol Leader
  • Assistant Patrol Leader

Note: The Troop Leader is an appointment with an attached rank of Senior Patrol Leader