You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C. S. Lewis

Rovers (17-26)


Fellowship of the Open Air and Services.


To help the transition from adolescence to adulthood and support young people, young women and men, in the final phase of their integration in adult society

Rovers are to use the Rover Progress Scheme as a guide to help them achieve Scouting’s highest award, the Baden Powell Award. The Rover Progress Scheme is divided into 4 tiers which are in parallel with the NYAA (GOLD) and Scouts of the World Award.

Tier 1: Explorer- Finding your way

This represents a stepping stone for Rovers into the Rovering journey. It can be achieved within 6 months in Rovering. This Tier covers basic Scouting skills, personal aspiration, first aid and the most important the reflection and investiture. Rovers are required to go through a self reflection session before they go through the investiture and step into the Rovering family.

Tier 2: Voyager – Journeying along the path

This represents continuity of the path chosen. During this tier, Rovers are to undergo services to others and embark on short expeditions. At this tier, Rovers are introduced to the Scout of the World Discovery. Rovers not aspiring to be leaders could still follow this path as there is greater emphasis on self development and support at this tier.

Tier 3: PathFinder- Leading the way

This represent the leadership within Rovering. Rovers are required to take up the leadership role within their unit and help out in organising and planning Scout event above their unit level. Within this Tier, Rovers are required to complete their Scouting skills requirements where they should have a basic knowledge about Scouting.

Tier 4: Baden Powell Award- The Final Steps

Baden Powell founded Scouting and naming the award after him makes the award prestigious . Rovers going through this test should have covered all Scouting Principles, Methods and Values that Baden Powell have implemented. Only candidates who have exceptional qualities and dedication can qualify. Objective criteria, good peer review and commissioner’s recognition of the outstanding individual are some of the criteria the candidate needs to fulfill. This is highest award possible as a Rover.

Rovers taking the Progress Scheme can do their departure from early if they feel that they have completed their Rovering path.

The National Rover Council (NRC) was set up to provide a platform for discussion of Rovering Programme as well as to solicit feedback and reviews from the Rovers around Singapore so that it can provide executive leadership on Rovering affairs in Singapore.