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All you need to know about Scouting as a Parent

As a parent, you want the best for your child. So do we.

Scouting is all about bringing out the best in every young individual and encouraging them to do their best.

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Common questions answered

Are my children insured?

All registered Scouts are covered under a Group Insurance.

Are Scouting activities dangerous?

There is always an element of risk in all outdoor activities. However, Scouting has been around for almost a hundred years, and most Scouts have survived remarkably well. On our end, the Singapore Scout Association has a strict safety code where every activity must be assessed by in terms of risk level and steps are taken to prevent accidents. Adult Leaders are also trained in first aid and handling emergencies.

Are there any opportunities to go overseas?

Being a worldwide movement, the Scouts around the world organise numerous international camps, exchange programmes, youth forums, community service and expeditions for any Scout who is keen to join. Not only will a Scout visit the country, he/she will also enjoy opportunities for closer contact with the people there. Scouts throughout the world speak the same ‘language’ through their adherence to the ideas of Scouting and their symbols, like the Scout uniform, salute and the left handshake.

How much does it cost?

Going to campfires, ceremonies and other scouting events to give moral & spiritual support to your child can be priceless and cost next to nothing! Depending on the Scout Group, parents can be involved as parents support as well. Sometimes, Scout Groups want to run large scale events for their scouts but are unable to do so due to the lack of adult help. This type of involvement would again cost nothing financially but it would require certain amount of your precious time.

What are the benefits…

… for you?

Understanding your child’s love of Scouting can begin with getting yourself involved in the movement itself. It is usually easier to see why your child loves gaming, football and any other more specific activities. But Scouting does not keep to specifics and it continues to move on. Really understanding why your child puts so much time into Scouting could help build a special link. We have many cases of parents and children doing Scouting today which have helped to strengthen their bonds in more ways that they could imagine. Of course this is not to mention that you might find Scouting to be your calling as well!

… for your child?

Of course, by now you should have learnt about the character development aspects of Scouting and the number of great people Scouting has produced.

In this everyday world of academics and certifications, your child may grow up one day to regret the loss of his childhood. Scouting ensures that he is equipped with the skills to tackle academic concerns from a different angle while maintaining a fun and healthy lifestyle. It is a school and university for life.

What role can I play?

Quite simply, as a start, you could attend your child’s investiture, ceremonies, campfires that he helps organise and maybe even a usual scout meeting. If you would like to take a step up from that, you could request the group to see how you could help out in an informal position such as offering your skills and services for camps, hikes and overseas trips.

Of course, that is not the end. There are adult leader courses you could go to be certified as trained Adult Leaders. You could then go back to the Group your child is involved in and ask to be accepted as an Adult Leader. You can then directly have an impact in the youth programme that the Singapore Scout Association offers.