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Logo Explanation

The Singapore Scout Emblem consists of a Fleur-de-lys (trifoil) with the Crescent and Five Stars of the State Emblem superimposed over it.

The Fleur-de-lys, since early times, has been used to decorate the North point of the compass on map. It is characteristic of the fact, therefore that a Scout shows the way for others to follow.

The tri-foil is emblematic of the three parts of the Scout Promise. The middle portion points upwards and above the other two, signifying the lofty ideals of the Scout and the Movement.

The Singapore Scout Emblem

The Singapore Scout Emblem

Through the middle of this mod-point is a line pointing upwards. This represents the Scout’s belief in God.

The two side-portions of the Fleur-de-lys are equal and balanced, representing the fact that humanity is the same and everywhere equal. These two portions also stand for the balanced views of the Scout and his sense of equality and justic with regards to all things and people.

The two stars on either side represent the eyes of the Scout and through them he sees the stars’ ten points, representing the original ten parts of the Scout Laws which have been embodied into five.

The three parts of the Promise are bound together by the circle containing the Crescent and the Five Stars which represent the state and the Nation,. The circle is the bond of brotherhood and it “ties” up to the Scout’s allegiance to his country and his desire to be a useful citizen.

Below the circle of Crescent and Stars is a line which represents the Scout. This individually, however, is not so aloof or alone as not to connect the Scout to God and the State (the circle).

The ribbon with the word “Be Prepared” reminds us of the Scout Motto.