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Leaders (21+)

Unit Leaders (ages 21+) are uniformed appointments (e.g. Cub Scout Leader, Asst Cub Scout Leaders, Scout Leader, Venture Scout Leader, etc.) and would usually require weekly. Leaders are responsible for planning programmes and activities for their sections, and are entrusted with the smooth running of their units with the support of the Group Scout Leader and Asst Group Scout Leader.

Aside from on-the-job training, The Singapore Scout Association provides all Leaders with Induction and Wood Badge (Advanced Unit Leader Training) courses at the national level to ensure that Leaders are equipped with the tools of the trade necessary to survive and thrive! It may sound like a tough job, but the knowledge that being a Unit Leader makes a direct positive impact on the lives of young people also makes it one of the most rewarding and enjoyable appointments an adult may hold.

Adult Leader

Adult Leaders (formerly Auxiliary Leaders) are usually appointed when a member shows potential and/or the drive to take charge of a unit/group. Typically, the adult leader follows the appointed assistant leaders or leaders around to learn the ropes of the trade. He/she takes a non-office position until he/she is ready to take up a formal appointment in the unit/group.

This role may also be given to a person when the group is not in need of formal appointments such as assistant leaders and leaders, but would like to give a chance for the individual (typically an alumni member of sorts) to offer his help to the younger scouts.

The adult leaders wear the typical scout uniform and the land leader epaulette and sea leader epaulette for the land and sea sections respectively.

Assistant Cub Scout/Scout/Venture Scout/Rover Scout Leaders

Assistant Leaders are usually appointed to help mainly with the general operations of the unit. Assistant Scout/Venture Scout Leader appointments can be given to members of age 21 and above while Assistant Rover Scout Leaders are for members of age 25 and above.

The assistant leader supports the operation of the Scout Section; in particular, the planning and delivery of the youth to the Section, with the help of other Assistant Leaders, Troop Assistants,
Young Leaders and members of the Scout Fellowship.

Each assistant leader is responsible to the section leader. It is recommended that assistant leaders can be given different job scopes to tap on their individual talents and keep their focus. Typically, an average unit would have 2 assistant leaders to support the section leader, however, that number is not fixed and the group is free to appoint as much assistants as needed.

Cub Scout/Scout/Venture Scout/Rover Scout Leaders

Section(Scout, Venture, Rover) Leaders are typically senior and experienced leaders. They deal less with operations of the unit and more with forming strategies for the unit to grow and in turn enhance it’s training for the youth members.

Section Leaders are also tasked to train their assistant leaders to prepare take over the role as sectional leader when the time comes. In addition, the section leader is also tasked with coming up with agreeable job scope for his/her assistant.

Each section are only allowed to have one main section leader.

The section leader is responsible to the Group Scout Leader and/or Assistant Group Scout Leader(s). All section leaders with the exception of Rover Scout Leaders can be appointed at the age of 21 with the Rover Scout Leader being allowed at the age of 30.

Assistant Group Scout Leader

The Assistant Group Scout Leader and the Group Scout Leader’s role can be more accurately defined as section managers. The Assistant Group Scout Leader manages the section leaders and reports back to the Group Scout Leader.

Additional Assistant Group Scout Leaders can be appointed if the group is especially large in size and different roles are needed to be fulfilled. In such cases, Assistant Group Scout Leaders can be differentiated into Strategic and Operations purposes, with there being no limit of the amount of specific roles.

Assistant Group Scout Leaders are typically leaders who have had experience with most if not all sections within that group.

Group Scout Leader

The Group Scout Leader is the inspirational figure within the group. Usually, the Group Scout Leader is the most senior and experienced leader within the group and is able to offer his guidance to the rest of the leaders.

He/she is responsible for all Section Leaders and Assistant Group Scout Leaders in the Scout Group. The Group Scout Leader typically also has an overview of the other roles within the Scout Group and the Group Council.

The Group Scout Leader also ensures that the Scout Group has an adequate team of “fit and proper” adults working effectively together and with others to meet the Scouting needs of the youth members.

In essence, he is to issue job scopes to his team of leaders and ensure that they are carrying it out.