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Scout Foundation Fund (SFF) – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1)      Is Scouting still relevant in today’s context?

Scouting is flourishing around the world.  As recorded, there are 31 million scouts in 216 territories.  The essence of scouting is to nurture and develop youth in leadership and team-building skills which are relevant in this fast-changing global village.  As a movement with an international dimension, members are predisposed to connect with the rest of the world.


2)      What are the SFF funds used for?

The funds are used for primarily for the following:

a)      Development Needsto expand scope and improved quality of the Scouting

b)      Infrastructure Upgrade to enhance the camping and training facilities and maintain sufficient reserve to upgrade/maintain HQ facilities and make provision when HQ premises lease expires in 2021

c)      Support Needy Scoutsfrom not well-to-do families to participate in at least one international event as part of their developmental needs

 3)      Are the fund raised fully utilised for the specific project proper?

 Yes, the fund raised is fully utilised for the approved projects/programmes/activities to benefit the intended beneficiaries and/or as determined by the donors.  No fees or expenses will be paid to staff or members of the governing body or the various Committees.

4)      What is the governance structure of the Foundation? How are the funds administered?

Who decides when funds should be released?

There is a dedicated Fund-raising Committee that oversees the affairs of the SSF. The Committee reports to the Scout Council, the highest governing body of the Singapore Scout Association (SSA), which sets the policy and direction for SSA.  The Committee meets quarterly to review the fund raising efforts and the effective utilisation of the funds.

5)      Is Corporate Governance in place?

Yes, SSA is registered as a Charity with a status as an Institute of Public Character (IPC) in compliance with the requirement of an IPC. A financial and Accounting Procedure is established to serve as a guideline for internal control system.  The Finance Committee scrutinises the budget and ensure financial prudence.  An Audit Committee is also in place to ensure strict compliance with the IPC’s requirements and SSA’s established financial procedures.

6)      As a donor, will I be receiving a report on the Foundation’s Activity? Frequency? When?

Yes, a dedicated Donor’s Report will be prepared annually for the easy reference of donors.   The income and expenditure of the SFF will be separately reflected in the Audited Financial Statement of Account of the SSA’s Annual Report

7)      Do you have any target for the Foundation? If so, how much?

Yes. A minimum of $500,000 is set annually. It may vary from year to year depending on needs.

8)      Will you be spending from the return of the funds raised or from the principal raised or both?

It will be determined by the Scout Council based on the needs of the SSA.

9)      Who do I contact for clarification and information?

Should you like to know more about the SFF or projects, contact the Executive Director at +65 6259 2858  or visit our website: