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World Scout Day Message 2017

22 FEBRUARY 2017


Dear Brother and Sister Scouts

1 Each year, 40 million Scouts in 224 countries take the Scout Promise together, in celebration of World Scout Day. Today, we celebrate the 110th year of the founding of Scouting and we renew our Promise to “do our best to help other people”.

2 In an old scouting tradition, each time a Scout puts on his scarf, he would tie a little knot at its end. This knot will remain in place until the Scout has done a good deed for that day. The good deed can be a simple action like helping an elderly person to cross the road, cooking a meal for the family, or helping a classmate. It is only after he has done his good deed for the day that the Scout can untie this knot.

3 This year, I challenge you to look beyond helping others as individual Scouts, to inspire your family and friends to join you as agents of kindness. I am pleased to announce that we are embarking on “A Good Deed A Day” initiative to inspire this national movement of doing good. In support of this initiative, all of you can look forward to receiving a “Do Good” kit this April. 

4 The kit will contain invitation cards, among other items, to help you engage your family and friends in joining you to do a good deed a day. Do not feel discouraged when they are too shy to go out of their comfort zone to help others. Show them that it only takes a small effort to lend a helping hand and make a positive difference in the lives of others. With our collective effort, we can foster a gracious society and spread kindness. 

5 On this note, I would like to thank School Leaders, Teachers and Volunteers for supporting the Scout Movement in nurturing our youth holistically. I wish each and every one of you a very happy World Scout Day, 2017!

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