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Commissioners’ Council

Commissioner Council

Antong Shahrudin
Chief Commissioner

Dr Jeffrey Ho
Deputy Chief Commissioner
International Commissioner

Andrew Ang
Asst Chief Commissioner
(North Area)

Hoo Chuan Yang
Asst Chief Commissioner


Lim Say Chionh
Asst Chief Commisioner
(West Area)

Ho Chee Heng
Asst Chief Commissioner
(East Area)

Ho Chee Heng Asst Chief Commissioner (East Area)

Tan Kay Kerng
National Training Commissioner

Antong Shahruddin Asst Chief Commissioner (Membership Growth)

Yang Chen
National Programme Commissioner


Anbarasan T
National Operations Commissioner

Darren Tay
National Communications


Dr Koh Kee Lee
National Partnership 


Andrew Hong
National Adults in Scouting Commissioner

Chow Hock Lin Asst Chief Commissioner (Adult Resources)

Sunil Gill
National Rover Council