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SSA's Unique Value Proposition

  1. Scouting as a youth movement has an international connection with the larger International Scouting Community.  We are affiliated to the World Scout Movement based in Geneva.
  2. The Scout Method, a time-proven process, in promoting mentorship, leadership training and team building remains effective and relevant in the present fast changing global environment.
  3. The Scout Method also empowers and encourages the holistic (physical, mental, spiritual and social) development with a strong emphasis on duty to country and helping other people.
  4. The "Patrol System", the building block of the Scout Method ensures that members have an early exposure to leadership development, team building and interpersonal relationship.
  5. Deserving needy scouts will be supported financially to attend overseas jamborees and exchanges at least once in their scouting journey.

    This will help widen their horizon and open up opportunities for networking, thus favourably predispose members within the "global community".


Use of the Singapore Scout Association Logo

The low-res version of the SSA logo is available for Scouts and Scout Units to download for use in internal, non-commercial, communications and publicity materials.

External organisations (non-SSA parties) wishing to reproduce the SSA logo are requested to obtain the Association’s permission in writing, citing the purpose and medium of use.

ScoutsAsso Guidelines.pdf
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19 Jan 2014